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Design and manufacture of ultrasonic tanks and cleaning systems with robot conveyor, screw conveyor, noria conveyor, chain conveyor, conveyor belt and with ultrasonic cleaning cycles, spray washing, rinses, drying and other surface treatments. Solvent degreasing plants. Air, water, solvent treatment plants obtained by washing or degreasing.

animazione1 home Lavo: over 40 years of activity We clean your products, air, water and solvents.

Lavo designs and manufactures tanks, cleaning systems and surface treatments, with or without ultrasound, for more than 40 years. Each of our plant is a unique solution, because refined and shaped according to the specific requirements of the customer. Our production ranges from simple small and medium sized ultrasonic tanks, up to automated plants for the handling of pieces or baskets: with robot conveyor, screw conveyor, noria conveyor, chain conveyor, conveyor belt. Lavo's machines and plants are always the final result of creativity, hard work, organization and especially pride in doing things that can help you solve your problems. Our forty years experience in industrial cleaning, which finds application in many sectors, allowed Lavo to extend its product range also with solvent degreasing plants; vacuum plants; water, air or solvents treatment and recovery plants; as well as the production of ultrasonic systems specially designed for installers or research laboratories.

Customized production on the customer's instructions

animazione2 home Customized for the client We produce machines and plants for cleaning
and surface treatment.

Each of our ultrasonic cleaning machine, equipment or plant is customized for the client. Don't stop to the images that we will show you in this website: ask, contact us and explain your problem. Think of steel as modeling clay to make machines or plants to solve your problems: we are the modelers. Our lab technicians and the technical office are at your disposal to provide data and documentation, and test directly on your pieces, in order to check in advance the result of cleaning, which then translates into a quick choice of the most suitable plant for yours specific needs.
What we're going to show you in this site it's just a small amount of our production and the solutions found and applied from Lavo: nothing's impossible for us... or at least we try!

Our production

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