Air treatment plants

Wet scrubbers

AS models

ir purification system using water spray and subsequent condensation. Possibility of sizing the scrubbers depending on different capacity and requirements. They allow a wide scope of application, satisfying the needs of small laboratories or big industries. Lavo's wet scrubbers are ideal for extraction of fumes, dust, gas, paint, soot, cooking odors, chemical fumes, solvents and oils.
Lavo srl has developed various simple and versatile scrubber plants, indispensable for anyone who needs to remove odors and prevent emissions into the environment: mist is the real filter. Cost effective and space-saving, our wet scrubbers can achieve efficiency exceeding 95% and don't require maintenance.

Activated carbons regenerator

RE model

Activated carbons regenerators to filter air from solvents and volatile contaminants. Carbons regeneration with automatic backwashing through vapour; water-solvent separator with Florence flask system. Possibility of double or triple activated carbon with capacity up to 4000 m3/h of continuous clean air. Adsorption and automatic regeneration of activated carbons.



Devices to filter and purify the vapours, retrieving water in order to reuse it in the production cycle. Thanks to the closed circuit installation, even heat can be retrieved, that would otherwise be dispersed in the environment.

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