Water treatment plants

Oil skimmers


Oil skimmers of various types and models for the recovery of suspended oil in the tanks; they can be used alone or easily coupled on various types of plant. Belt and disc models for small quantities; alveolar model for large quantities.


In metal working (ultrasonic cleaning machines, tumblers, machine tools processing, etc) large amounts of cooling fluids are used, which produce a large quantity of metal shavings and scraps.These microscopic particles pollute the emulsified oil and all the coolants, and can have a detrimental effect on devices, causing breaks and interruptions in production.
To solve these problems LAVO offers its Oilskimmer model plants, effective for coolants filtration and recovery, significantly extending the life of the machines that use coolants and reducing operating costs and maintenance of the same.
Oilskimmer models include equipment with treatment capacity ranging from 300 to 600 l/h of treated coolants; fully automatic to be coupled to your equipment where you need to filter and recover emulsified oil or coolants in general.


RENNET (one cartridge), BINET (two cartridges), SEINET (six cartridges) models

They allow liquid's forced filtering with total recovery of water, detergents, oils and waste fats, thus reducing production costs (solutions recovery) or waste disposal costs (eliminating a lower liquid volume, disposing only the concentrate). Polysulphone filters are used with a filtration degree up to 0,001 (pre-filter up to 50 ). The unique and innovative phase of backwash of ultrafiltration modules will always allow an effective filtration and will extend the life of filter cartridges. It's a safe and innovative system for processing water filtration of the cleaning plants, but also useful for the recovery of solutions that would otherwise be disposed of. The range includes various types of ultrafiltration for small and large production, from 40 to 1.000 liters/hour.

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