Sonochemistry and Sonofarmaceutica

Lavo srl produces a series of ultrasonic shakers for laboratories and industries. Applications in homogenizers, cell disruptors, emulsifiers. On demand we also produce sonicators of various powers and dimensions, with soundproof booths or applicable to containers of various sizes and shapes.

Ultrasonic sonicators

Multifrequency ultrasonic sonicators of various types (manual and automatic) produced with modular chillers. Low frequency 16 to 38 kHz. High frequency 80, 120, 500, 1000, 1500 kHz. Low frequencies are adjustable up to 120 W. High frequencies are adjustable up to 60 W. The generators are multifrequency: each one has its own generator with integrated adjustable timer. Possibility to set automatic sonication cycles with in line extraction and frequency variation control, with timer and control thermostats. We have different combinations which allow obtaining multiple work sequences: we can create sonicators depending on different needs. How many wonderful sonications you can do with Lavo's sonicators, which open up new horizons for sonochemistry: the extraordinary phenomenon of luminescence is clearly visible. Possibility to insert sonicators inside soundproof booths.

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