Custom design

Open to any design and manufacturing challenge that our clients wish to propose.

Design Design Study and analysis of project data.

Not a day goes by without finding applications for ultrasound in various stages of every industrial production. Often when visiting our website people only see visible models, not imagining that the same machine, the same plant, with few or no changes, can transform them in our delighted and satisfied customers. There is much we can do, but you must tell us your needs. Similarly, even the other cleaning products that we produce (solvent cleaners, air, water, solvent treatment plants, etc.) are open to new uses and implementations.

Construction Construction Construction of all parts of the plant.

The structure of Lavo deals with every new issue as a personal challenge and, with problems analysis, in-depth analysis, feasibility studies, design and manufacturing capabilities, replying to our customers in a concrete way, with a fully functioning apparatus or a complete plant.

Completion Completion Electric and hydraulic plants installation.

It's a proven path, capable of great results, that gives us the possibility to propose ourselves as creators of customized products, i.e. products with the necessary features to the solution sought by the customer.
Building customized cleaning machines or plants it's not the exception for us, but the rule. Even ST and FRT cleaners series don't have a real standard. The important things for us are the tank capability, the corresponding number of transducers and the heating. Other things like dimensions, analog or digital, equipped with timer, pump, etc., can be added on request.
Do you want a heart-shaped tub? Don't worry, we can make it.
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Case history

In forty years of activity, Lavo srl faced many problems, relating to the use of ultrasound in various stages of industrial production, that were subjected by various companies and research centers national and foreign
Even the study and the development of air, water and solvents treatment plants, are a concrete reply to the requests of companies, institutions and public administrations sensitive to the increasing ecological and environmental care. We also collaborated and brought our knowledge contribution and production capabilities in some research with important university labs.

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