Water-detergent plants

In this section are included all the cleaning systems that use water and detergents, but instead of individual cleaning machines, it includes other features related to cleaning or loading systems and material handling to be clean.

Chain conveyor

NORIA model

Degreasing tunnel with noria handling. The pieces, hung on hooks, frames or baskets, pass through various treatment handled by an air chain. Immersion cleaning, drying. Possibility to add double washing, double rinsing, ultrasound, odor treatment area (for solvent plants only), baskets rotation.

AIR-air chain model

Treatment tunnel (both water and solvents) with air chain transfer system of the pieces: possibility of different treatment stages depending on different needs. Circular chain or with continuous passage in order to be together with other plants for different treatments. Ideal for automatic or manual continuous painting lines.

EMME model

It's an evolution from the classic screw cleaners. Pieces are delicately treated, with greater cleaning guarantees. It's a step forward towards belt conveyor cleaners, with loading and unloading on the same side (if necessary). It's an innovation compared to rotary basket cleaners, because baskets can be rotating, tilting or fixed. It's ideal for washing small mechanical parts. It can work with:

  • Liquid: water and detergent, hydrocarbon, solvents;
  • Loading-unloading: manual or automatic;
  • Square or hexagonal baskets;
  • Immersion, spray, ultrasonic, hydrokinetic cleaning;
  • Accurate drying.

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