Water-detergent plants

In this section are included all the cleaning systems that use water and detergents, but instead of individual cleaning machines, it includes other features related to cleaning or loading systems and material handling to be clean.

Plants with basket or rotary table


Plants with rotary table for baskets or large pieces. Combined action with high pressure spray and rotation of the pieces, rinsing, vapour extraction and eventual drying with forced hot air recirculation. Sprays positioned above, below and on the sides, together with platform rotation, allow cleaning on all sides of the pieces.

MACH-3 model

Plants with rotary table for baskets or small pieces. Combined action with spray and rotation of the pieces for the cleaning treatment. Manual opening lid.

TRS model

Step-by-step rotary table plant for positioned washing. The pieces are individually positioned above the platform, split in multiple "sections" depending on the run cycle. The step-by-step rotation of the workpiece carousel will allow spray and targeted parts blowing treatment. Ideal for spray wash pieces with particular compliances. High pressures spray washing, rinsing, blowing and drying cycle. Manual or robotic parts placement.

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