Special plants

Various plants

PROMOCLEANING model - cleaning machine for weaving frames and reeds

"Sustainable" cleaning machine for the perfect cleaning of weaving frames and reeds. This machine guarantees considerable savings of time and money, getting a perfect cleaning that will allow your reeds, heddles and dents better working conditions, a longer life, and less breakage of warps. Thanks to the automatic high pressure washing and rinsing cycle and the final drying, the pieces will be soiled on one side and in few minutes will come out clean on the other.

Cleaning of tubes and profiles in general

For the cleaning of pipes and profiles we can make customized plants like tunnel plants in line with step-by-step or continuous transfer. They will allow both inside and outside cleaning of the passing pieces. The cycle will be carried out by means of high pressure sprays of water+detergent, with nozzles located above, below and on the sides of the passing pieces. Targeted lateral jets will allow interior cleaning. The cycle, fully automatic, will include washing, rinsing, blowing and drying.

Sheets and coils cleaning plants

Continuous in line washing, rinsing and drying of sheets and coils, for the removal of oil, dust and residual shavings. Our machines are sized and customized depending on various parameters of width and thickness of sheet metal, with forward speed from 1 up to 200 m/min. The treatment cycle of washing and rinsing with upper and lower high pressure spray, may be supplemented by additional wringing, blowing and final drying stations to optimize the treatment.

GARBO model

Cabin for manual cleaning and blowing equipped with extraction, ideal for small machine parts. Fully faired to work safely and equipped with handling latex gloves.


Weaving reeds cleaning machine to wash, rinse and dry. Does not require water supply connection and can be easily carried inside of weaving to work directly in the frame.


Detailed high-pressure spray using pneumatic pumps. It's able to reach pressure up to 1000 Bar for the strong targeted spray for cleaning or deburring. Various types of high-pressure nozzles: straight, curved or rotating.

Benches for lubrication and drying

Customized workbenches, ideal for disassembly/assembly operations, cleaning, lubrication and drying of weapons and, generally, mechanical parts. Have a stainless steel worktop, a protected lubrication area and a drying furnace to allow safe and optimal working conditions. Equipped with an extraction unit that sends the fumes in an integrated activated carbon filtration system. Ideal if supported by one of our ultrasonic cleaning machines to perform a complete cycle of washing, drying and lubrication.

Industrial drying furnaces

LR model

Drying furnaces. Electric, infrared and burner heating. Possibility of ventilation, indirect heating.


Heat stripping furnaces equipped with combustion chamber, post-combustion chamber and cooling system. Available in different dimensions and with electric heating system or with heat exchanger.

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