Water-detergent plants

In this section are included all the cleaning systems that use water and detergents, but instead of individual cleaning machines, it includes other features related to cleaning or loading systems and material handling to be clean.

Multifunction cleaning machines


With this cleaner you can do ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing with clean water recirculation and final drying of the pieces, in a single treatment tank. Thanks to a special pneumatic system, pumps won't be necessary to move treatment solutions from tank to tank. It's a great help to clean pieces with automatic cycle and the purchase price and management are very cheap.


Modular full-cycle cleaning machine: spray wash and ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing with plant water, possibility of second rinsing with treated water, drying with hot air recirculation. Suitable for every kind of production with pieces placed in baskets or racks.


Our Hydrosonic and Idrocleaning plants can be equipped with rotating basket, in order to treat the pieces that have blind holes or that need tumbling. The rotation is done by a variable-speed motor with automatic positioning sensor of the basket.


The hydrokinetic treatment (immersion) is achieved by nautical propellers, that create a strong turbulence of the liquid that will ensure the cleaning of the pieces, even in the most difficult and inaccessible parts. Cleaning machines are modular and can be made with different duty cycles for washing, rinsing and automatic drying of the pieces. Ideal for parts not compatible with ultrasonic treatment and with dirty areas difficult to reach by spray washing.

LIFT model

Cleaners with lifting system for immersion with vibration in aqueous solution and blow drying of the pieces. Cleaning machine completely faired and insulated (protective cage with double-button activation), with automatic cleaning cycle. The pneumatic lift series Lift can be combined with solvent plants (degreaser) or cleaners that use water and detergent with spray or ultrasound and, eventually, drying.


Full cycle cleaning machine for molds: ultrasound and spray washing placed in both sides, rinsing with plant water (possibility of a second demineralized rinsing), final drying. The cleaning machine can be equipped with a manual or automatic hoist to facilitate the handling of heavy parts or baskets.

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