Solvent plants

This section includes plants that implement many types of solvent cleaning. They can be open-cycle or vacuum plants.

Solvent degreasers

MST model

Open-top degreasers with top loading using hoist or overhead crane. Equipped with cooling coils, perimetric extraction area and all securities for working in environments with presence of solvents. They are customized, with single or multiple treatment cycle: ultrasonic hot immersion degreasing, solvent vapours degreasing, spray rinsing, cooling coil perimeter and rinsing. All equipped with separator (Florence flask) for solvent recovery.

PST model

Multi-stage solvent degreasing plant, with self-learning robot conveyor series Mia. In this case, the plant will include odor treatment systems for loading and unloading and cooling coils. Automatic loading and unloading. Fully faired and equipped with double safety door to avoid the possibility of solvent losses.

PSV model

Plant with lift for basket handling. Possibility of rotary or tilting basket or with automatic loading and unloading.

EFFIX model - New generation solvent degreasers

Some substances used in industrial degreasing are toxic and dangerous and should be used with caution. Other substances based on HYDROFLUOROETHER are a solution for sustainable cleaning. Effix is a degreaser designed and constructed to use new generation solvents, where it's essential the removal and recovery of the used liquids having low points of evaporation. Complete and compact, it will allow ultrasonic degreasing treatment cycles, solvent vapours treatment and final odor treatment.


HOMOS model

They are the most sophisticated solvent degreasing plants developed by us. They guarantee a perfect cleaning and drying of the parts thanks to vacuum treatments (20 mbar). Ideal for small, medium and large workloads of parts with blind holes or complex geometries. Thanks to the special abatement and odor treatment system "supercold at -20C" they are among the strongest environmental regulations for any solvent used in them: perchlorethylene, methylene chloride, HCGC, HFE, PFC, n-propyl bromide, chlorinated solvents or petroleum solvents A3. Strong points:

  • High degreasing properties;
  • Reduced Energy consumption;
  • Operator and environment safety;
  • Continuous solvent regeneration;
  • Simple use with automatic cyclic;
  • Customized versions with rotary or tilting baskets, oiling, ultrasound, spray, automatic loading/unloading, gas-photometer for emission control.

We produce vacuum plants with different characteristics depending on the customer's specific needs. Contact us for any requirements. We will study the case and we'll give you the best solution.

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